The world’s most popular martial art – the Korean art of Self Defence.

Taekwon-Do is suitable for all ages and abilities, regardless of whether you are a total beginner or you have previous experience in another martial art.  As well as the self defence aspect of TKD there is also a sport side where students can compete against other practitioners. Here you can not only learn excellent kicking and punching technique, you will also get fit, have fun and make new friends.

RAM Taekwon-Do Academy is affiliated to the UKTA, the original Taekwon-Do Association in the UK.

Classes are taught by our team of instructors -:

Chief Instructor – Master John Reilly (7th Degree)

Assistant Instructor – Mr. Malky White (4th Degree)

Assistant Instructor – Mrs Kirsty Reilly (4th Degree)

Little Dragons (age 3-6)

Little Dragon’s – Ideal for pre-school kids to mix with other children and learn basic skills while having fun. Here we teach basic technique, play games to help them develop essential motor skills but also so they are able to learn while having fun. As the children reach school age they “graduate” into our Kid’s Combat programme where they start on the Taekwon-Do syllabus.


Kids Combat (age 7 – 12)

Kids Combat – This is our children’s Taekwon-Do programme aimed at Primary school aged children. In Kid’s Combat the children learn the full Taekwon-Do syllabus from white to black belt in a fun, safe environment.

Whether your child’s goal is to one day be a black belt, or perhaps to win a Gold at the Olympic games, we’ll do our very best to help them in their quest!

Senior Taekwon-Do

The senior Taekwon-Do class is for our teens and adults. Here you will be taught the full ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation) syllabus from white to black belt.

Through these classes you will learn self defence techniques, punching and kicking technique to be used in self defence situations, sparring or competitions.

Physical fitness plays a big part in martial arts so we perform exercises that strengthen the body so we are able to perform our techniques to the best of our ability.

Many RAM students have competed both nationally and internationally with many medalling at European and World Championships. If competition is your thing, we can give you the platform to get involved.

If competition isn’t your thing then we equally cater for those who wish to train and promote.

Do you want to be a Black Belt?