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Terms and conditions

  • I understand that there may be some significant risks in physical activities undertaken at RAM Martial Arts and Fitness Centre.
  • I acknowledge that I must always be responsible for safeguarding my own well-being and will therefore never attempt any practices or techniques that I do not fully understand.
  •  I confirm that I must always tell the instructor or coach of any illness or other conditions that may affect the training or well-being of myself or any other person and that currently there are no reasons why I cannot undertake programmes in physical fitness and/or martial arts.
  • If I am accepted as a member of RAM Martial Arts and Fitness Centre I agree not to hold said establishment or any of it’s instructors or coaches liable for any injury that I may sustain whilst undertaking activities at said premises.
  • I can confirm that I have not been advised by a doctor to refrain from physical exercise and I am otherwise fit and healthy.